Best TV Channels For Stock Market Financial News In India

If you want to keep up with the best TV channels for the stock market, several channels provide in-depth coverage and analysis. These channels offer live market updates, expert opinions, and detailed analysis of stocks, commodities, and other financial instruments. 

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, tuning into these channels can help you stay informed and make better financial decisions. So, to keep up with the latest market trends and developments, consider tuning into these best TV channels to watch the stock market in India.

7 Best TV Channels For Stock Market

Stock market trading based on news channels is a popular strategy but involves certain risks. Many channels are prone to corruption or delayed news, so you must be cautious about where you get your information. 

However, there are credible sources that can help you trade the stock market successfully. It’s essential to choose reliable channels that can help you grow your money instead of losing it. We’re here to assist you in finding those trustworthy TV channels for the stock market.



Source: CNBC TV18

CNBC TV 18 is a new digital platform that provides essential stock market and business news engagingly. The platform aims to offer informative and helpful financial news to assist individuals in making intelligent decisions for their wealth and careers. 

It is an extension of CNBC-TV18, a trusted financial news leader in India, ensuring that the audiences remain up-to-date on the latest Business and economic news. CNBCTV18 offers a variety of multimedia stories, exclusive videos, and real-time data in user-friendly formats, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in business news.

Business Today TV

Business Today TV

Source: Business Today TV

Business Today TV is a news channel in India that mainly focuses on Business and financial news. It aims to provide updates on the stock market, companies, and the economy in a simplified and straightforward manner. The channel offers insights, interviews, and analysis to keep viewers informed about the latest developments in the business world. It is a trusted source for business news, helping people make informed decisions about investments and careers. 

Business Today TV aims to present complex financial information in an easy-to-understand way, making it accessible to a broad audience. This is the best TV channel for the share market news. You can find breaking business news updates, live share market news Today, trending business news, stocks, IPO, finance, economy, and crypto stories on Business Today.

Zee Business

Zee Business

Source: Zee Business

Zee Business is a Hindi-language business news TV channel in India. The channel comprehensively covers Business, finance, and the economy, including analysing and discussing market trends and investment opportunities. 

Zee Business is renowned for its coverage of domestic and international financial markets. This is one of the best TV channels for stock market financial news in India. It offers a variety of programs, including market analysis, stock market updates, business news bulletins, and interviews with industry experts and business leaders.

NDTV Profit

NDTV Profit

Source: NDTV Profit

NDTV Profit is a television channel in India that provides business and financial news. It updates the stock market, corporate news, and economic developments. In mid-2020, NDTV re-launched NDTV Profit with live market news, resulting in the closure of NDTV Prime. The channel covers various industries such as finance, technology and healthcare. 

It features expert analysis, interviews with business leaders, and live coverage of significant events. With its focus on Business and Finance, NDTV Profit is an essential resource for investors and entrepreneurs who want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and opportunities in the Indian market.

ET Now

Source: ET Now

ET Now is a 24-hour English news channel focusing on Business and finance in India. It is owned and operated by the Times Group and provides up-to-date news, analysis, and insights on stock market updates, corporate news, and expert opinions. The channel also features interviews with industry leaders and experts and special programs on the economy and Business. 

With its focus on Business and Finance, ET Now is a valuable resource for investors and entrepreneurs who want to stay informed about the latest trends and opportunities in the Indian market.

CNBC Awaaz

CNBC Awaaz

Source: CNBC Awaaz

CNBC Awaaz is a reputable Hindi-language business and financial news channel based in India, which provides its viewers with real-time market updates, business news, and expert analysis. The channel covers the stock market, economy, personal finance, and business trends, making it a valuable resource for investors and entrepreneurs. 

With a viewership share as high as 80% on critical news like the Union Budget, CNBC Awaaz has been a growth tool for savers, investors, and entrepreneurs for over thirteen years.

CNN Business

CNN Business

Source: CNN Business

CNN Business is a news channel that provides coverage of business and finance news on a global scale. It keeps you updated on stock market fluctuations, corporate news, and economic developments. The channel offers expert analysis, interviews with business leaders, and live coverage, making it a valuable resource for investors and entrepreneurs.

Whether you’re interested in technology, finance, or international trade, this TV channel for stock market financial news in India, provides a wide range of business-related content to keep you informed about the latest trends and opportunities in the global market.

Other Ways to Get Stock Market News

1. Podcasts have become a popular way to keep up with the latest stock market news and analysis. Various financial experts and analysts host podcasts that discuss market trends, stock picks, and economic indicators.

By subscribing to these podcasts, listeners can receive regular updates on their mobile devices, making it a convenient and portable way to stay informed about the stock market. Some popular Indian podcasts for stock market news include Moneycontrol Podcast, ET Podcast, Paisa Vaisa with Anupam Gupta, Finshots Daily on Spotify, and many others.

2. YouTube can be an excellent source for stock market news, with many financial channels and independent creators producing videos on market analysis, company earnings reports, and investment strategies. You can find interviews with industry professionals and educational videos on stock market fundamentals. Some famous YouTube channels to get stock market news are Moneycontrol, CNBC-TV18, Zee Business, ET Now, and BloombergQuint.

3. Newspapers have traditionally been a reliable financial news source for a long time. They comprehensively cover stock market developments, company performances, and global economic events. Readers can benefit from expert opinions, market commentary, and investigative reports, gaining valuable insights into the financial world. Some popular newspapers that provide stock market news are The Economic Times, Business Standard, The Financial Express, and The Hindu Business Line.

4. Websites devoted to finance and investing provide many stock market news and information. These websites offer a wide range of information on the Indian stock market, including real-time updates on stock prices, market indices, and business news. They also provide analytical articles, opinion pieces, and interactive tools for tracking stocks and portfolios. Some examples of such websites are Moneycontrol, Livemint,, and Business Standard.

5. Trading apps have gained immense popularity for accessing stock market news online. Numerous brokerage firms provide mobile applications with real-time market data, company news, and customisable alerts. With the help of these apps, users can stay informed about their investments and monitor market movements from their smartphones or tablets. Some popular trading apps in India are Moneycontrol, Zerodha Kite, Angel Broking, Upstox, and 5Paisa.

Final Thoughts:

It is essential to stay informed about the stock market to make wise financial decisions in today’s fast-paced world. These are the best TV channels for stock market financial news in India, helping you learn about every detail of the domestic and global market. Apart from TV news channels, there are various other sources to get stock market news.

These sources provide expert analysis and live updates on stock prices and market trends. Upmarket Academy is a valuable resource for those interested in learning stock market trading that can help them gain the necessary knowledge and skills.

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