How To Start Online Trading In India?

Are you looking to start your career in trading online? 

Don’t worry, we got you! 

Trading online is one of the strategic yet effective ways to make money. You can do it from home or your office and get lots of profit.

It’s not just about buying and selling stocks; you can also deal with stocks, commodities, bonds and a lot more!

Thanks to technology, it’s now simple to start online trading in India.

In this blog, let’s understand how to begin online trading in stock market, factors to think about before investing, and some tips to help you start online trading in India.  

Why to Start Online Trading in Stock Market?

Online trading in stock market is great because it’s easy to use, convenient, and doesn’t cost much.

But that’s not it!

Here are the benefits to start online trading in India – 

  • When you trade online, you can easily access the stock markets anytime, day or night, right from your home or office.
  • Trading online makes buying and selling stocks easier without dealing with a lot of paperwork.
  • Also, when brokers don’t charge commissions, it makes investing cheaper for everyone.
  • Also, many online brokers provide free learning materials to help you better understand how markets work and create successful strategies. 

So, online trading in stock market is a good way to make smart money choices. It also helps you spread out your investments and save money on fees.  


Simple Ways To Start Online Trading in India

If you’re new to online trading, don’t worry—it’s not as hard as it sounds. Here are some simple steps to follow to start online trading in India – 

Choose an online broker 


To begin online trading in stock market in India, the first thing you need to do is pick an online broker. 

These brokers offer different services, like trading stocks, commodities, margin accounts, and futures contracts. It’s crucial to check out different brokers and choose the one that fits your needs the best.

When picking a broker, make sure that you consider things like 

  • fees, 
  • how helpful their customer service is, 
  • how easy their platform is to use, 
  • how secure it is, and 
  • what types of accounts they offer. 

It’s also essential to ensure the broker can be trusted and dependable. The broker is the middleman who helps with all your trades and takes care of your account.

Open Demat and Trading Account 

To move forward, you need to open two accounts – a demat account and a trading account. 

A demat account is like an online bank for stocks, where your shares are stored electronically. It acts as a middleman between you and the stock market. When you buy or sell stocks, the changes happen in this demat account.

A trading account is like a tool that lets you buy and sell things like stocks, bonds, and commodities for other people. To get started, you need to open this account with an approved broker who is part of stock exchanges like NSE and BSE in India. 

It’s easy to do – just submit some documents and make an initial deposit. 

Follow these steps –

  • Collect the papers you need to show who you are. This includes your PAN card, something that proves where you live and something that proves your identity.
  • Send the application form to your broker either through the Internet or by filling out a paper form.
  • Deposit some money to start with, following the minimum amount set by your broker.
  • Please wait for approval of your demat and trading account.

Login to your demat/trading account and add money 

After you’ve set up your demat/trading accounts, use the login details your broker gave you. To start online trading, put money into your account. 

You can do this through online banking, net banking, or by depositing money into your broker’s bank account.

Also, remember to report any profits from online trading for taxes.  

View stock details and start trading 

The last step is to check out information about stocks and start online trading. You can do this by logging into your demat and trading accounts. Then, you can easily see live market data, research stocks, and learn about companies and their share prices. 

Once you decide which stocks you want to trade, use your broker’s online platform to place buy/sell orders. It’s important to regularly check how your trades are doing to make more money and lose less. 

After you deposit the money, you’re all set to start online trading. But before you begin, it’s crucial to understand the markets and create a strategy that fits your comfort with risk and your goals. 

Also, you can use different trading platforms that offer features like real-time data, stop-loss orders, and margin accounts. 

How To Choose Stocks To Start Online Trading?

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To trade stocks effectively, there are different ways to study a company. 

One way is called fundamental analysis, where we look at how much a company is worth, its important ratios, and most importantly, its true value. 

If a company’s stock price is higher than its true value, it’s better to wait for the price to drop before buying. 

If the stock price is lower than its true value, it’s a good opportunity to buy and make a profit.

Another method is called technical analysis, where we study charts to predict where stock prices might go. 

This involves looking at a stock’s past performance, trends, and trading volume over time. Different tools like Bollinger bands, MACD, and Candle charts are used in technical analysis.

For beginners, they can read newspapers or watch news channels to learn about different companies and decide where to invest. It’s also possible to do their own research. Brokers can also provide advice, suggesting stocks to invest in when opportunities arise.

How to Open a Demat Account?


First, pick a good broker. Make sure they’re reliable by reading reviews. Check if their servers don’t crash when lots of people are trading. Make sure they get information on time. The broker helps you open two accounts: a Demat account to store your shares digitally and a Trading account to buy and sell shares.

Before you open an account, know the broker’s fees. They charge a brokerage fee when you make a trade. It can be a flat fee or a percentage of your trade.

The next step is to open your Demat and Trading accounts. Fill out an online form with your basic details, like PAN number, bank info, and proof of identity. E-sign the document sent to your phone. Once you submit the application, you’ll get login details.

Log in to your account, explore the trading platform, and start making trades. Within 24 hours of your trades, the broker sends a contract note. It summarizes your trades. Check it daily for any mistakes.

Is it Safe to Trade Online?

Yes, online trading in stock market is completely safe. But it is important to follow the following safety measures for a great trading experience –

  1. Know Your Stock Broker – Before you start trading online, check out your trading platform well. Do some good research before sharing any of your personal information, and be careful not to ignore any warning signs. You can find a list of DEMAT account providers on the official websites of NSDL and CDSL.
  2. Enter the Web Address Manually – To make sure you’re on the real website and not a fake one made by scammers, type the web address of your online trading platform into the address bar yourself.
  3. Read the Privacy Policy Document Thoroughly – Most people, especially investors, find policy terms boring and skip them. But when you’re trading online, it’s important to read the privacy policy carefully. This can help you avoid unexpected problems later on.
  4. Check for SSL Protection – If you see a little lock symbol in the web address bar, it means the online stock trading website is safe and has a special security certification called SSL.

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Final Verdict

When you begin trading online, you get lots of advantages, and it’s a simple way to get into the stock markets. You can easily start trading online by learning about market trends and creating a plan that fits your comfort with risk and your goals. 

Also, many brokers provide resources to help you learn more about markets and develop successful strategies.

If you are looking for a basic course to learn about how you can start online trading, make sure that you explore Upmarket Academy’s courses. It can be considered as one of the best trading courses available online.

It provides you with valuable resources like videos, free courses, live sessions, and more to make it easier for you to understand and deal with the stock market.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is online stock trading for beginners?

Yes, online trading in stock market can be suitable for beginners with proper education and research. Starting with basic knowledge and small investments is advisable to learn the ropes and minimize risks.

  1. Can I invest small amounts of money in stocks?

Absolutely, you can invest small amounts in stocks. Many platforms allow fractional investing, enabling you to buy a portion of a share with limited funds.

  1. How much do I need to start trading in India?

The amount needed to start trading in India varies, but beginners can begin with as little as a few thousand rupees. It’s crucial to start small and gradually increase investment as you gain experience.

  1. What are the benefits of online trading?

Online trading provides convenience, real-time access to markets, lower transaction costs, and a diverse range of investment options. It empowers investors with tools and information, making managing portfolios and executing trades from the comfort of their homes easier

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