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ASBA is shortened as Application Supported by Blocked Amount. It is an IPO application procedure that SEBI formulates. ASBA is an application comprising permission to obstruct the application cash in the bank account.

This is done because of subscribing to an IPO issue. An individual cannot utilise the blocked cash for any objective. Still, they can proceed to receive interest in the blocked cash. If they are a non-retail investor expecting to subsidise in an IPO, they must pertain through ASBA. 

What is ASBA & Process

Before 2016, if investors needed to correlate to an IPO and other fundraising actions, the entire application amount was immediately debited from the bank account. It prevented the investors from receiving interest on the cash and established an extensive procedure for SEBI and other mediators to maintain track of the cash and refund it to investors in situations of non-application.

Still, with ASBA, the proposed amount is not immediately debited but is obstructed within the bank account to authorise investors to receive normal interest. If an investor receives the application the blocked cash is then debited from their bank account.

ASBA facilities can benefit the investor irrespective of whether they are utilising the online IPO application facility and also the offline IPO application facility.

Once their ASBA application is ratified, the funds are obstructed in their bank account and captioned for the particular application.

The ASBA applications can be relinquished before the issue is closed. Every lead administrator of an IPO openly declares the cut-off time on the final day of the issue. And before the announcement, the ASBA application can be abolished. 

Under ASBA, the investors are authorised to settle up to 3 bids. And these three bids will be fitted on their Income Tax PAN. And investors should keep in mind that multiple bids are authorised, but numerous applications are not. In situations of numerous applications, both applications are accountable for being dismissed under ASBA.

What are the criteria for ASBA?

The ASBA method is defined by the Securities and Exchange Board of India to promote Indian investors with a stable and hassle-free application method. Still, there are some eligibility standards one must fulfil to be eligible for use the ASBA process:

  • The investor should be an Indian residential investor.
  • The government of India hands out a PAN Card.
  • The investor should open a Demat and trading account and have a licensed stockbroker.
  • They should have a legal bank account along with a licensed bank.
  • They should supply by logging in to the net banking component of the bank.
  • The investors must have a sufficient surplus in the bank account for obstructing.
  • They should bid at the cut-off rate and select a minimum of one lot.
  • Furthermore, they should bid for the application utilising the reserved defined sector.
  • The investor must concede to the terms and conditions before fulfilling them. 

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What are the Benefits of ASBA? 

Here are a few of the extraordinary advantages for investors of the ASBA process:

  • When money is obstructed in their bank account, the investors do not lose interest income. They proceed to obtain interest on the blocked amount.
  • The ASBA eradicates the necessity to compensate cash through demand drafts and cheques.
  • The ASBA capability is hassle-free and does not implicate any expense. An individual can effortlessly apply via Netbanking without providing any physical documents.
  • Investors need not be concerned about the refund. If there is no allowance of shares, the cash is unblocked from their bank account for further usage.
  • The blocked proportion is contemplated while computing the Average Quarterly Balance in the account.

Why is ASBA an important development in the Indian IPO landscape? 

The ASBA application method was first inaugurated in 2008, but the installation was made necessary by SEBI solely from 2016 onwards. All book-built issues are compelled to propose the ASBA installation to the IPO applicants. It has moved a long path in entrusting minor and medium-sized investors in a country like India. The whole ASBA method favours commercial investors in India as they receive more strength and custody over the IPO method. And this is the massive takeaway from ASBA. 

ASBA is a method of application funded by blocked amounts where they do not have to deliver physical papers or lose interest expenditures. The ASBA procedure is sharp, easy, and stable for the investors to pertain to IPOs, FPOs, and more, without reimbursing any expense or commission. Still, an investor must unlock a Demat and trading account, which should be correlated with the bank account to use the ASBA element SEBI organises.


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