What is the best source for keeping track of the stock market?

If you follow financial markets, you’re probably aware of how much happens daily and how difficult it can be to keep up.

Filtering out the noise can feel like a full-time job with the never-ending news flow, big market movements, and the ongoing chorus of market talking heads. Fortunately, several useful websites and apps are available to help you keep your finger on the pulse — and the potential effects on your portfolio.

Webull – Best app for stock market activity

Webull is excellent for intermediate to advanced investors, particularly those who trade actively. There is no minimum account size, and stock trading is completely free.

The app provides real-time market data, and you can personalise your homepage to display the countries and regions you’re most interested in and the stocks you’re following.

Users can access advanced charting, orders, technical indicators, and quotes. In addition, Webull, unlike many other apps, supports both options trading (for free!) and cryptocurrency trading.

Webull currently has a partnership with Nasdaq that provides clients with premier level two market data. Level 2 Advance costs $1.99 per month after a three-month free trial and provides comprehensive data.

This service gives you access to the entire book depth, including Nasdaq’s best 30+ offers and bids, allowing you to see orders being placed in real-time. In addition, individual orders or price levels can be used to search the book.

You can also get Net Order Imbalance Indicator (NOII) data before the market opens and closes.

Webull enables real-time data tracking and price fluctuations. We recommend Webull as the best app for watching stock market activity for any level of investor due to its free service offering. They even provide free stocks in exchange for signing up.

Yahoo Finance: Best for beginners

Yahoo Finance is the first place we go when we need a quick overview of stock, company, or important market news. It has long been one of the leading providers of market data and has been in operation. It provides free basic charts, company profiles, and basic company financial information in addition to one of the best financial newsfeeds available.

Yahoo Finance also offers paid tiers of their platform that include advanced charting for technical analysis, advanced portfolio analytics, individual stock analysis, a premium blog, and live customer support chat for those who want a little more. Yahoo Finance’s stellar reputation is regarded as the gold standard in free market analysis.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor – best for long-term investors

Simply put, Motley Fool’s signature product, Stock Advisor, aims to provide you with one thing: top stock picks from the site’s co-founders that have the potential to outperform the market.

It also tracks their recommendations over time and connects you with a community of engaged investors eager to earn outsized returns.

This makes it an excellent stock tracking app to include on this list because it tracks stock price movements and provides engaging commentary from the service and investors.

The latter comment comes from an active and engaged community focused on stock trading. The Motley Fool CAPS community works to help you identify the best stocks to buy at the best times — and which stocks to avoid.

Motley Fool Rule Breakers is another service that focuses on growth stocks. Again, stock Advisor is the preferred option because it does not seek out moonshots but stocks that are expected to consistently outperformers.

The investment newsletter, in fact, sends recommendations for “Steady Eddies” and potential high-flying stocks that the service believes have financially sound fundamentals.

Stock Advisor offers stock picks with investment rationales, research, and information to inform you of your investments, preferring to stick with companies that outperform consistently over time.

Sharesight: Best investment portfolio tracker app

Sharesight’s award-winning performance and tax reporting platform allow you to track shares and ETFs from over 40 exchanges worldwide.

The powerful platform also allows you to track 75 global currencies and unlisted alternative investments like fixed income and investment properties. What’s more, the best part? Everything is included in a simple online portfolio tracker.

The service takes pride in being a spreadsheet replacement, allowing you to know the true performance of all listed holdings as well as track multiple asset classes in a single place.

You can actively compare the performance of your holdings to a variety of benchmarks of your choosing using powerful sorting features and the option to exclude closed positions.

You can see how capital gains, dividends, and currency fluctuations affect your portfolio and compare it to your benchmark.

These factors alone qualify Sharesight for inclusion on this list, but where it truly shines is in its dividend tracking capabilities.

The Taxable Income Report on the website allows you to see a running total of all your dividends, distributions, and interest payments over any time period, broken down by local and foreign income.

This leaves knowing dividend dates, payments, and timing to the service—not something that can be miscalculated in a spreadsheet formula error. The platform can also be used to forecast expected dividend income based on announced dividend payments.

TradingView: Best for experienced investors

TradingView is a newer stock-picking and market-monitoring service that can benefit both novices and experienced active traders. It includes advanced charting tools, social networking functionality, cross-market news flow, investor education, market heatmaps, and users’ ability to share and collaborate on their ideas with other active traders.

TradingView could be any investor’s best friend, given its comprehensive and packed with unique tools. Many consider it to be the market leader in chart websites. However, TradingView can be overwhelming for many others, particularly for newer traders and those intimidated by the breadth of available tools and resources.

Personal Capital: Best portfolio management software 

Personal Capital has 3.1 million registered users. Others use the Wealth Management service, while others use the Free Financial Dashboard version.

People can easily add all of their financial accounts, including credit cards, savings, checking, loans, and tax-advantaged investment accounts, to the Free Financial Dashboard.

It also includes an Investment Checkup tool for assessing portfolio risk, analysing past performance, and determining your portfolio’s target allocation.

By adjusting your portfolio, you can use these suggestions to improve your investment performance.

Personal Capital’s free Investment Checkup tool can help you identify over- and under-weight stock sector investments and assess your diversification.

You can also compare your portfolio to the S&P 500 and Personal Capital’s “Smart Weighting” Recommendation, which bases holdings on equal weightings across sectors rather than market capitalization weightings.

From there, you can use the Investment Checkup tool to break down the costs you pay in your accounts as well as any annual fund fees. Personal Capital also offers this service in conjunction with Wealth Management services.


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