What time do stock markets around the world open/close?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the opening and closing times of stock markets around the world can vary significantly depending on the country and the exchange. This article aims to demonstrate how to predict stock market movements more accurately by incorporating all foreign markets. 

The global stock market affects the local stock markets and vice versa. The inclusion of all markets leads to an overall improvement in predicting stock market movements. A study of only the US market cannot give a true picture of how the global stock market is performing.

For this reason, we need to incorporate other markets too while trying to predict the stock market movements. The global financial crisis in 2008 provides a good example of how incorporating all markets can help improve our predictions. The US market was not performing well before the crisis hit. However, the rest of the world markets were doing well. When the crisis hit, the US market followed suit and tanked.

What Time Does the Stock Market Open/Close?

The world stock markets evolved from the microstock market of a person who stocks and sells a certain number of shares of one company or shares in order to profit from a rise and fall in the share price.

However, at the beginning of the twentieth century, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock index (DJIA) purchases of shares were made via generalists.

The beginning of the twentieth century was an amazingly big change for the Dow Jones Industrial Average and many other stock markets in many countries that make up industries like the USA, China, and Japan.

The internal factors for a huge change were:

• Internet revolution

• Efficient and convenient human transportation

• Changing work practices

• Introduction of computers, machines and consistent spread of electricity

In general, during the first half of the twentieth century, the globalization of capital investment began. It looked like all business was done in one place. Rising waves of industrialization caused a phenomenon of population and capital flow that settled down in one place, which created a big problem initially – a rise in the outflow.

Instead, any excess demand could be solved by more businesses being opened and new businesses being founded. The combination of current working conditions and the new conditions forced a lot of business plans to change.

Fairly quickly, the wave occurred in leading firms with advocacy, along with changing work practices and the increasing use of information technology (IT).

Personal Finance: How Do Stock Market Futures Work?

You can trade stock on the US markets through IB. However, futures trading is way more complex than the one-on-one transactions on the referenced platform. Let’s dig down and get into the nitty gritty of how futures contracts work.

The first contract that traded was a forward for wheat in 1980. Futures are one of the first examples of financial derivatives. A futures contract is a type of financial instrument that settles with performance – like a 1-year bond pays interest at a specific time, letting you compare the value of an asset.

For instance, if you have an underlying asset and promise to deliver that asset to them at a specific date at a certain price. In contrast, currency forwards is less liquid than stock options or less influenced by other users’ opinions. Other differences between Futures and forwards are the trade costs.

Around the World: What time do stock markets around the world open/close?

And since not every country’s stock market opens and closes at the same time, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular stock markets around the world.

Among the most popular are the following:

Asia Pacific

  • Australia: Auckland – 9:30am EST
  • Hong Kong: 9: 30am EST
  • China: Shanghai – 9:30 am EST
  • China: Shenzhen – 9:30am EST
  • China: Shenzhen – 10:00am EST


  • Belgium: Antwerp – 9:30am CET / 10:00am LT

What is an Opening?

An opening can also refer to something Opening of an exhibition, such as THE INSTEAD, An exhibition at Brendan Nicholas Gallery in London, UK, 16th–30th August 2019; The Sacrifice, an exhibition at the Guildhall Art Gallery in Truro, UK Bankside, 8 June to 5 July 2019.

Official opening weeks may be in their publicity period, and exhibit openings may be extended to their official opening week, such as the UK Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

What is a Closing?

The closing corresponds to the session’s final market close, and at this point, these exchanges factored the closing prices from throughout the day. However, some stock markets open on weekends or before or after their official hours, making those the market’s official home.

Exchange Rate: How Do Stock Markets Change Themselves?

To explain this, we will use the sales data for Q3 2017. There is a little difference, notably in how Europe and North America close the markets. Europe looks to start to close their exchanges a few minutes earlier than the markets in the USA. But closing time gets extended by a quarter to close at 5:00 pm EST. That sounds like a lot, and we are not even mentioning that commute hours in the USA are much longer than in Europe.

The market rises earlier in the morning from 9:30 am EST, and closes later than that. You should know that trading starts on the NYSE at 9:30 am EST. But on Winter Sundays, trading starts at 10:00 am EST.

Europe is close to EMIs and New Zealand, and South Africa and Australia markets are a couple of hours after AEST. You can also see that almost every market closes at a different time, automatically adjusting to winter evenings and/or early mornings.


A stock is an instrument that represents the ownership of a company, government, or corporation. The stock market can be strategic in that visionaries can make deals on behalf of groups by placing bets on the different investments available.

On the other hand, a company may have problems issuing stock to investors, or they may be failing, so it seems like the best thing for the company is to have no stock at all. So stock funds can look bad. Some funds are nearly unidirectional. You make a trade, long, and lose, short, and lose the opposite.

Stocks involve risks like speculating in the housing market, and if things fall out of balance, they can be bad. In 1941, the first unregulated stock market was set in New York. However, the Nasdaq was founded in 1970, which means it was after the Great Depression and World War II. The market is hosted in what is called the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASDAQ) and it is located in downtown New york.

A real stock market doesn’t just involve penny stocks trading up and down. It also introduces real money trading on futures contracts, a derivative of the stock future.

The stock market is a global institution that allows investors to buy and sell shares in publicly traded companies. It operates in a complex, interconnected system where the opening and closing times vary depending on the country.


If geographical location is not enough of an obstacle, the time zone can make a huge difference. Unlike the US or Canada, there’s no commonly defined standard for opening and closing hours. As a result, there will be time differences in different countries, which is taken into account when determining the opening and closing times.

As you can see, you should prepare yourself for not knowing your chosen stock exchange’s opening and closing hours, if the stock market exists. However, if you were able to find the time zone on the website, or if you live near the exchange, then it won’t be too difficult to prepare and determine when the stock market opens.

If you are perusing the details of which countries have stock exchanges, then make sure you consider the country’s time zone. There’s no denying that the stock market is a complex place. With so many different markets worldwide, it can be tough to keep track of them all – let alone make any money off them.


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