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A successful trader aims for the best
trades; Money is SECONDARY!

About Us

A successful trader aims for the best trades; Money is SECONDARY!

People are afraid to lose money, and hence they don’t trade. In reality, trading is quite the opposite; it needs proper knowledge and practice. Upmarket Academy is one of the best trading schools for millennials and GenZ’s willing to step forward and be independent. We aim to provide knowledge and assist you with your monetary objectives with our experience, self-learning, real-life examples, and practical implications

Why Upmarket Academy

Upmarket Academy is known for its exceptional teaching approach! From basic theoretical knowledge to live trading workshops and practical performance, we teach you to trade innovatively and interestingly.

Our USP’s

Unlike other trading schools, we won’t ask you to write, learn, and score well on tests.


Practical Approach

Lightning-fast trades get you real market prices in real-time.


Theoretical approach

Over 40 trading pairs including BTC, ETH, DeFi, Stablecoins, and more.

Our Teaching Comprises

Experience – Perseverance – Dedication

Live Workshops

To succeed in any field, having a good knowledge of that particular domain is important.

We conduct live workshops frequently, and it is one of the most valuable components of our stock market training.

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Our workshops are the best place to learn and trade in real-time while thinking of your ideas at a much quicker pace. 

At live workshops or webinars, we target those looking for stock market courses about technical analysis, intraday trading, trading, and investing in the Indian stock market. With this, we ensure everyone is on the same page and has their questions or queries answered by our experts.

During these webinars, we discuss new trading concepts, review recent trends and trades, answer questions, and more!

What will you acquire?

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Gen Z adults, or individuals between the age group of 18 to 25 years old, are more financially sophisticated than any previous generation was at their age. However, being highly confident about consuming and saving, they need to gain beginner knowledge to manage their finances.

UpMarket Academy is the solution!

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Frenquently Asked Question

The UpMarket academy offers a free orientation session to people who desire to learn more about trading and investing. The orientation session is free of cost.

The Upmarket academy is a unique financial education academy dedicated to helping youth or individuals learn to invest in trade  with confidence and skills.


If not, – We believe that exceptional financial education should not be determined by a piece of paper called a degree or certificate. Instead, it should be more of a practical assessment.